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A podcast for real estate investors, by real estate investors, delving into the world of REI through the lens of our customers: Wholesalers, flippers, builders and passive investors.

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August 23, 2023


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Matt Rodak | Movin' on Up and to the Right

We bring back Fund That Flip's CEO and Founder Matt Rodak to give us some branding updates! He talks about the history of the brand, why the Fund That Flip name doesn't really fit anymore, and Matt reveals the new name!

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August 9, 2023


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Boots-on-the-Ground in the D.C. Housing Markets

Our experts on the DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virginia) market, Antonio Campanelli and Ryan Studner, join the show this week to break down the newest numbers from Zonda and their most recent webinar. We talk through why the data looks the way it does, Antonio and Ryan's personal thoughts on the future of the market, and BALTIMORE!

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July 27, 2023


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How to Facilitate a Successful Partnership

This week, friends of the show Paul Smetona and David Barnett, the duo that even Brendan and David have leaned on for advice, stop by to share their knowledge! They talk about the importance of community and how that helped them link up, why they work so well together, scaling their business, and more!

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July 14, 2023


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Liz Faircloth | How the Real Estate InvestHer is Changing the Game for Women in REI

This week we get a chance to talk to the Co-Founder of the Real Estate InvestHER community, Liz Faircloth! Liz is a long-time investor that identified a need to create a community to help more women achieve financial freedom and generational wealth through REI. She gives us a rundown on the Real Estate InvestHER story, the importance of having a community as an investor, and, of course, some lessons learned from her investment career!

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June 28, 2023


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Lessons in Real Estate Asset Management from an Accidental Investor

This week we chat with one of our favs, Val Moses! Val started at Fund That Flip as an underwriter and over just a few years moved up to VP of Asset Management, and of course is also a successful real estate investor in Cleveland, Ohio. She tells us some of her investment stories, tips on how to manage a relationship with a significant other that's also in the real estate business, the concepts that guide her work and success, gives us an inside look into the mind of an asset manager, and more!

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June 14, 2023


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Moving Smarter & Faster with REI Software & Systems

Dave and Haley at FlipperForce give us a behind-the-scenes look at our favorite REI software. They tell us the genesis of the tool, the unique perspective of having a construction background when developing a digital tool, how it's updated, what features are around the corner, and more!

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June 2, 2023


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How to Build Your Real Estate Empire and Prosper

Kelly Stumphauzer of Prosper Investments and Guardian City stops by the show this week to talk literally all things real estate, from residential to commercial, flipping to construction, learning the industry to scaling. With the constantly shifting market, Kelly talks about how to pivot, plan for multiple exits, and protect yourself and your company. Over the past decade or so, Kelly has been involved with many facets of real estate investing, and we try to get into it all!

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May 18, 2023


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Midterm Rentals are SO HOT Right Now! | Brian Payne from Furnished Finder

Brian Payne of Furnished Finder joins the show this week to talk midterm rentals (MTR)! With the constantly shifting market of short-term and long-term rentals, Brian makes a case for why you should be looking at moving into the MTR space and gives us a crash course on the basics of how to do it. On this episode we talk about what kind of renter is looking for an MTR, how MTR may be the answer to STR regulations, and more!

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May 3, 2023


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Sean Morgan | Why You Need Good Organized Data

Sean Morgan from Forecasa joins the show to talk DATA! Before running Forecasa, Sean cracked specific datasets in the oil and gas industry that informs his expertise in the real estate market today. On this episode we talk about how the oil and gas industry relates to real estate, organizing data, the problem with undervaluing data and overvaluing business relationships, and more!

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April 19, 2023


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J Scott | The Fundamentals of Growing Your Real Estate Business, Part 2

J Scott from Bar Down Investments joins the show once again to help us focus on the fundamentals of growth! J has literally written the book on successfully flipping houses (The Book on Flipping Houses) as well as many others. On part 2 we talk about crowdfunding sites and syndication, as well as risk/return.

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April 6, 2023


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J Scott | The Fundamentals of Growing Your Real Estate Business, Part 1

J Scott from Bar Down Investments joins the show once again to help us focus on the fundamentals of growth! J has literally written the book on successfully flipping houses (The Book on Flipping Houses) as well as many others. In this first part of his interview, we talk with him about the story of his success in real estate and the fundamentals of scaling and moving on to the next stage of your real estate business!

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March 23, 2023


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REI Secret Sauce: Underwriting, Risk Mitigation, BRRRR | Megan Sarles

Megan Sarles is in the house for this week's episode of Real Estate Investing Unscripted! ⭐ Megan is the Manager of Construction Risk here at Fund That Flip and invests in multi-family real estate on the side. Her role within the company involves intensive analysis of the deals we underwrite, so we had her sit down to give us the secrets and break down the art of house hacking, why she likes the BRRR strategy, and why Cleveland is a great market for rentals.️

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March 8, 2023


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Answering All Your Questions About Real Estate Capital - Doug Dvorak

Doug Dvorak joins the show this week to answer all your questions about CAPITAL (AKA, money)! Doug is the VP of Capital Markets at Fund That Flip, and he explains where lenders typically get their capital, why it matters where your capital comes from, how to get started deploying YOUR capital, and more!

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February 22, 2023


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Real Estate Investing, Cars & Making Millions Part 2 - Dawson Gant

23-year-old real estate investor and business entrepreneur Dawson Gant stops by in this 2 part conversation about his journey, strategies, building relationships, and, of course, cars.

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February 9, 2023


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Making Millions at 23 | Dawson Grant (Part 1)

Dawson Gant is a 23-year-old North Carolina real estate and e-commerce mogul with multiple enterprises who describes himself as a "serial entrepreneur." As a long-time friend of Fund That Flip, we couldn't wait to get him on the show to talk to our audience about how his real estate endeavors contributed to his further ventures in the business world.

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January 25, 2023


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From House Hacker to Developer with Donovan Adesoro

Guess who we got on the pod this week? It’s our very own Donovan Adesoro, a Fund That Flip Account Executive located in Houston, Texas. After deciding he was done with the 9–5 grind and started making waves on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram in the real estate space, he found community at Fund That Flip and has since grown his business at an impressive rate.

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January 18, 2023


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Data-Driven Economics with Nik Scoolis from Zonda

Our mission with Real Estate Investing Unscripted is to provide the best information available to our community of real estate investors, so who better to have on the show as our first official guest than Nik Scoolis? He's the Manager of Housing Economics at Zonda, a multifaceted data provider and advisory firm, and he has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, CBS, CNBC, and the Bloomberg Terminal.

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October 22, 2020


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The 3 P's - Protect, Pivot & Profit - Gary Boomershine

On this episode of Real Estate Investing Unscripted, Gary Boomershine of joins Matt Rodak to discuss his real estate investing journey. Gary is a software engineer turned consultant turned entrepreneur who has successfully built 4 companies, reaching the elusive Inc. 500 fastest growing company list multiple times while also being married for 25 years and becoming father to two daughters.

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July 30, 2020


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Stepping Over Pennies For Dollars - Ryan Dossey

On this episode of Real Estate Investing Unscripted, Indianapolis real estate zen master Ryan Dossey joins Matt to discuss his real estate journey. Ryan has built a $9M real estate empire, has a real estate investor specific direct mail and call center, and runs one of the country's top real estate networks, all at the age of 26.

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July 2, 2020


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Couch Surfer to Portfolio Owner - James Evans

On this episode of Real Estate Investing Unscripted, real estate investor, James Evans joins Matt to discuss his real estate journey. James currently has a portfolio of over 20 rental units in the Greater Boston area, oversees new construction and condo conversion projects, and is the founder of The Boston Real Estate Guild Meetup.

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April 23, 2020


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Football to Flips - Jason Babin

On this episode of Real Estate Investing Unscripted, real estate entrepreneur Jason Babin joins Matt to discuss his journey from former NFL player to investor. Jason founded RedZone Realty Group with former teammate Kyle Bosworth in Jacksonville, Florida, after retiring from football. Jason discusses how his real estate interest began as a child, working with his father's electric company.

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April 9, 2020


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Cautiously Bullish - Mark Inks, Mulberry

On this episode of Real Estate Investing Unscripted, Mark Inks, Principal at Mulberry Design + Build, joins Matt to discuss his real estate journey and strategies for homebuilding during a global pandemic. Inks provides details to his story, from graduating from college to buying Mulberry to where he and the company are at today.

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April 6, 2020


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Post-Pandemic Predictions - Economist Ali Wolf Discusses the Possible Effects of COVID-19

On this episode of Real Estate Investing Unscripted, Meyers Research's Director of Economic Research, Ali Wolf returns to discuss COVID-19 and its potential effects on the economy. As head of the Economics Department, Ali manages and analyzes the content for Zonda, provides data analytics, runs special research projects, and does presentations across the country on topics spanning both the housing market and the wider economy.

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November 22, 2019


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Real Estate and Direct Mail Marketing - Justin Silverio, JS2 Homes

In this episode, we speak with Justin Silverio, owner of JS2 Homes and Open Letter Marketing. Justin discusses real estate and direct mail marketing. He begins by sharing how his interest in real estate grew at a young age through his father's career as a general contractor. As Justin advanced his career in accounting, he realized how he could leverage his father's expertise and his knowledge of numbers to invest in real estate.

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September 18, 2019


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From Prison to Profits - Michael Green, Quick Cash Home Buyers

In this episode, we speak with Michael Green, host of The Flip Factor podcast and co-owner of Quick Cash Home Buyers. Michael shares the story of how he emerged from a troubled childhood and built an impressive real estate portfolio.

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August 1, 2019


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Tech to Apartment Syndication - Agostino Pintus, Bulletproof Cashflow

This episode we speak with Agostino Pintus, CEO of Bulletproof Cashflow, multifamily real estate investor, motivational speaker and fellow podcaster. Prior to entering the real estate industry, Agostino spent several years as a technology executive implementing strategic and operational solutions, experience that he leveraged in building an extensive multifamily portfolio.

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May 1, 2019


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Championing Pittsburgh's Urbanist Revival - Daniel Berkowitz

This episode we speak with Daniel Berkowitz, CEO of Atlas Development Co., a full-service real estate development and property management company focused exclusively on the revitalization of Beechview, one of Pittsburgh’s 90 historic neighborhoods. Daniel has over 17 years experience in raising funds and developing projects, and his mission is to transform aging rust belt properties into modern, attractive spaces for Pittsburgh’s evolving population.

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March 28, 2019


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Passive Real Estate Investing - Hunter Thompson, Cash Flow Connections

This week we speak with Hunter Thompson, Managing Principal of Cash Flow Connections, a real estate consulting firm based out of Los Angeles, CA, that helps clients invest outside of the stock market in turnkey real estate investments. We discuss some of the trends that are driving online real estate lending, such as a shift toward alternative investments and wealth transfer between generations. Hunter explores why the risks of passive real estate investing can be easier to mitigate than other asset classes.

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March 13, 2019


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An Economist's Take on the State of the Housing Market - Ali Wolf

On this episode, we speak with Ali Wolf, Director of Economic Research for Meyers Research LLC. As head of the Economics Department, Ali manages and analyzes the content for Zonda, provides data analytics, runs special research projects, and does presentations across the country on topics spanning both the housing market and the wider economy. Ali’s specialty is understanding millennials and their impact on the market.

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February 27, 2019


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Macro-level Trends in Housing - Margaret Whelan, Whelan Advisory

In this episode we talk demographic levers and trends in the industry with Margaret Whelan, CEO of Whelan Advisory, LLC, where she provides strategic and financial counsel to leaders of both public and private companies in the U.S. and Canada. She is a seasoned executive and industry expert with a deep knowledge of industry drivers, players, valuation and financing alternatives.

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February 6, 2019


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How to Become Your Best Self (Ever) - Joe Fairless, Ashcroft Capital

This episode we speak with Joe Fairless, real estate investor and managing partner of Ashcroft Capital. Joe controls more than $460,000,000 worth of real estate, is the author of several books, and hosts the longest-running daily real estate podcast, Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Show. Joe shares best ever advice on how to become successful in real estate investing, and more importantly, successful in life.

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January 16, 2019


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Transforming Lives Through Real Estate - Matt Faircloth

In the first episode of season two, we speak with Matt Faircloth, co-founder of The DeRosa Group. Under Matt’s leadership, DeRosa has completed over 30 million in real estate transactions involving private capital including fix and flips, single family home rentals, mixed use buildings, apartment buildings, office buildings, and tax lien investments. Matt Faircloth is an active contributor to BiggerPockets and leads a weekly mentorship series on DeRosa’s YouTube channel.

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December 19, 2018


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Meeting Homes With Heart - Pili Yarusi, Yarusi Holdings

In this episode of Real Estate Investing Unscripted, we speak with Pili Yarusi, a real estate entrepreneur, mentor, and fellow podcaster. Originally from Hawaii, Pili owns the New Jersey-based Yarusi Holdings with her husband and business partner, Jason. Yarusi Holdings focuses on house flipping, beachside Airbnbs, and controls more than 100 rental units throughout the Midwest and Southeast.

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December 10, 2018


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Being Resourceful Without Resources - Tim Bratz, CLE Turnkey

This episode we speak with a fellow Cleveland native, Tim Bratz, CEO and founder of CLE Turnkey. CLE Turnkey is a real estate investment company that acquires and transforms distressed commercial and apartment buildings into high-performance investment assets. Tim talks finding success in real estate, which all starts with being resourceful and having the right mindset.

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November 26, 2018


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Creating Win-Win Investing Partnerships - Liz Faircloth

In this episode, we speak with Liz Faircloth, a longtime entrepreneur, real estate investing powerhouse, and fellow podcaster. Liz runs the DeRosa Group with her husband and business partner, Matt, and currently owns close to 400 units of residential and commercial assets throughout the east coast. Liz also has a history of a consultant working with Fortune 500 companies to build team and talent development programs and has facilitated hundreds of executive-level workshops throughout the US.

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November 12, 2018


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Nothing but Net (Margin)- Rosario Terracciano, Clickinvest

This episode our guest is Rosario Terracciano, Founder and CEO of Clickinvest, a real estate deal sourcing platform powered by machine learning. After being named the top broker in Illinois, Rosario made the bold move to leave the comfortable corporate world and start his own business. One of the secrets to Rosario’s success? He stresses the importance of keeping it simple and not getting caught in the trap of going “too big too fast.”

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October 31, 2018


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The Nashville Hustle - Evan Holladay, LDG Development

This episode of Real Estate Investing Unscripted we speak with Evan Holladay of LDG Development in Nashville, TN, where he leads a team responsible for $146 million in new construction development of mixed-income housing, and mixed-use communities. Evan reveals the root of his passion for real estate, how he entered the industry at 19, and what continues to drive him every day.

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October 26, 2018


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3 Simple Tips for Successful Investing - Gary Davidson, Castle Law

In this episode of Real Estate Investing Unscripted we talk to Gary Davidson of Castle Law, a Chicagoland firm focused on servicing real estate investors. Gary talks about the key to real estate investing: it isn’t meant to be easy, but it can create more opportunity than any other investment activity or asset class.

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October 3, 2018


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J Scott, House Flipping Master and Real Estate Guru

This episode we speak with J Scott, active real estate investor and fix-and-flip master. J shares exclusive advice about how to run a real estate investment business that helps you maintain your lifestyle (hint: stop trying to save money by doing the painting or plumbing yourself). Also hear J's strategy and approach to changing markets and how to make them work for your business. Tune in below!

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September 4, 2018


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Brian Corcodilos, Designblendz - How visual renderings can jumpstart your real estate business

This week's episode features Brian Corcodilos, Founder and CEO of Designblendz, an architectural design and building information modeling services firm based in Philadelphia, PA. Hear Brian talk about getting his start in investing, his early challenges, and how visual renderings can have a huge impact on the way you market and sell your properties.

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August 27, 2018


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Brandon Hall, The Real Estate CPA - How One CPA Firm is Changing Real Estate Taxes

In the second episode of Real Estate Investing Unscripted, we speak with Brandon Hall of the The Real Estate CPA. Brandon talks why he left the corporate accounting world to start his own firm (spoiler alert: financial and professional freedom played a big role!) and how The Real Estate CPA is "punching the traditional accounting model in the face."

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August 17, 2018


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Using Technology in Real Estate - Chad Gallagher, SlateHouse Group

In this inaugural episode of Real Estate Investing Unscripted, Matt talks to Chad Gallagher, Founder and CEO of SlateHouse Group, a Philadelphia-based property management firm focused on building better experiences for tenants and owners alike.

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January 11, 2023


Episode #


We’re Back! Meet the New Hosts of Real Estate Investing Unscripted

It’s been a year since our last episode of Real Estate Investing Unscripted, and so much has changed in the REI market. CEO and Founder Matt Rodak joins us on our Pilot episode to hand off the reigns to Brendan Bennett (VP, Revenue) and David Duggan (Regional Director, Midwest) and talk about the current state of real estate as we see it at Fund That Flip through the experiences of our borrowers and private lenders.

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Meet the Hosts

Brendan Bennet - Co-host of Real Estate Investing Unscripted

Brendan Bennet is the Vice President of Inside Sales at Fund That Flip. He started buying rental properties at 21, leveraging the house hacking strategy to subsidize housing costs, and he has been a licensed real estate agent in Ohio since 2019. His current portfolio includes 18 long-term rentals and 1 short-term (Airbnb) rental in Cleveland. Brendan has been featured on the House Hacking Success Podcast by BiggerPockets and the Capital Hacking Podcast.

David Duggan is the Regional Sales Director for the Midwest at Fund That Flip. David has facilitated $4.14M in origination revenue across the midwest region, with a staggering $228.07M in origination volume since 2020, and oversees the Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Indiana territory team.

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