Hard Money Loans for
Rehab Projects

Short-term, interest-only bridge loans for residential rehab, redevelopment, and fix-and-flip projects.

Get a loan commitment in about 24 hours.

Looking to scale your real estate investing business? Partnering with Fund That Flip ensures you have the financing and local support you need to take your business to the next level.

Types of Projects

Single-Family Home
2 – 4 Family Properties
5+ Multi-Family
Townhouses and Condos

Max Term

Up to 15 months


Interest-only loan, first-position

Loan Amount


Loan to Cost (LTC)

Up to 90%

Construction Costs

Up to 100%

Exit Strategy

Rent + Sell
Rent + Refi Out


Currently lending in 35 states (see map below).

How is a Rehab Loan Different Than Other Hard Money Loans?

A rehab loan is a short-term, hard money loan that covers a significant portion of the cost to purchase as well as repair or improve a property, versus a construction loan which is used for all costs associated to build the property.

Unlike the well-known FHA 203K rehab loans, a hard money rehab loan cannot be used for an owner-occupied property.

Rehabbing a single family home

Who Do We Work With?

Fund That Flip works with experienced, professional redevelopers and rehabbers with the best deals in the best real estate markets. You’ve got a business to grow, and we’re not looking to mess around.

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Why Get a Hard Money Loan from Fund That Flip?

As you’ve probably already experienced, maintaining and growing a network of private lenders is time consuming and inefficient — and that network has limited finances. Give your business the advantage by working with Fund That Flip.

Reliable Financing

We’re a direct hard money lender with a diverse capital stack — which means we can fund your project, we can fund it fast, and we can continue funding it as each project progresses.

Local Team

When was the last time your lender visited your jobsite? We have Territory Managers and Regional Sales Directors throughout the U.S. — many who invest in real estate themselves.


With private lenders, you can only take on as many projects as your network can finance. With us, bring us the good deals, and we’ll fund them. Many of our borrower partners double their completed projects when they start working with us.

24/7 Support

Beyond our local teams, we have an entire in-house team dedicated to you and your business. We guide you through every step of the loan process, close faster than anyone in the industry, and make sure your draws are fast and accurate.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a rehab loan?

A rehab loan is a type of short-term hard money or bridge loan used to purchase and repair or improve a real estate property. Rehab loans are often used in fix-and-flip and fix-to-rent projects.


How do fix and flip loans work?

In a fix-and-flip project, the rehab loan is used to purchase a distressed property, as well as pay for the supplies and labor related to repairing and improving it. The loan term is typically short, as the profits from one rehab will generally be used to purchase the next deal.

Rehab loans can be exited by selling the property, renting the property and refinancing out of the short-term Fund That Flip loan into a longer-term rental loan, and other options to meet your portfolio and investment goals.


What do fix and flip loans cover?

Rehab loans cover a portion of the purchase price, as well as the supplies, labor, etc. to repair and improve the property.

They do not cover owner-occupied investment properties, nor do we offer loans for long-term rentals at this time.


Can I finance construction costs?

Yes. We have the capability to fund up to 100% of construction costs. Similar to other funding mechanisms, after closing we'll hold a portion of the construction funds in escrow and release them as project milestones are met, subject to inspection.


Can I refinance out of a hard money rehab loan?

Yes. Many borrowers refinance out of the Fund That Flip loan, or rent the property and refinance out into a long-term loan.

Scale with Confidence

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