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Submit your loan applications, talk with your dedicated account rep, and receive term sheets for your clients within 48 hours.

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We help coordinate the closing with you and your clients. You’ll get paid the same day of the closing.

Simplified Process

Submit loan applications online and discuss with your dedicated account rep. Manage the entire process online from your Broker Dashboard.

Flexible Underwriting

Our mix of institutional and individual accredited investors provides you access to a diverse investor base that has interest in a wide range of properties.

You're Protected

Your fee will be paid from escrow and wired to you at closing. You retain the flexibility to price your own fee on top of our rates.

Qualifying for Funding

  • Experience

    Your client must demonstrate a successful track record of buying, fixing and selling houses. Four completed properties in the last 12 months is ideal.

  • Property Type

    We offer funding for a 1-4 family residential properties. Specializing in one asset class allows us to meet your client’s unique needs and act quickly.

  • Property

    The property must have enough margin to mitigate downside risk. A 3rd party appraisal will be completed to verify the numbers.

Bridge Loan Funding Criteria

Industry-leading rates, leverage, and loan flexibility.

Loan Amount
$100,000 and up
Loan Rates
Starting at 9.99%
Loan Origination
Starting at 1%
Required Down Payment
10% of Purchase Price
Renovation Budget
Up to 100%
1st Lien Position
Time to Close
7 - 10 Days
Interest Only
Lending Area
United States, with some exceptions
Term Length
3 - 24 Months
Business Purpose
Property must not be owner-occupied

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