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Our bread and butter. No one knows fix-and-flip loans better than we do.


Short-term loans for your rental investment properties.


Tear down or ground up, we’ll finance your construction project.


Leverage the equity in your property to make renovations.

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Bridge Loan Funding Criteria

Industry-leading rates, leverage, and loan flexibility.

Loan Amount

$100,000 and up

Loan Rates

Starting at <XX>

Loan Origination

Starting at 1%

Required Down Payment

10% of Purchase Price

Renovation Budget

Up to 100%


1st Lien Position

Time to Close

<XXXX> Days


Interest Only

Lending Area

United States, with some exceptions

Term Length

3 - 24 Months

Business Purpose

Property must not be owner-occupied

Don't take our word for it.

We’ve provided over $1B in financing to hundreds of developers across the nation.

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Used them to fund a large renovation. Love their technology, which makes sign up and underwriting smooth. Very friendly and responsive crew. Definitely worth working with them.

— Andy M.

Fund That Flip is an excellent operation with "A" players. You can rely on them if you need lending on anything from a multi-million dollar project to a single-family deal.

— Paul V.

The Fund That Flip team far exceeds all expectations. We couldn't have asked for a better group to be teamed with!

— Chris N.

No one in this country can close a legitimate loan over $1M in less than 2 weeks, except Fund That Flip.

— Brad C.

The flexibility within your company and your masterminding on deals to make them work helps you guys stand apart from the rest.

— Jesse W.

Every representative I worked with was very personable and willing to help. Fund That Flip's process is very simple with hardly any red tape. I highly recommend using this company for financing.

— Theresa L.

Fund That Flip Bridge Loans FAQ


How quickly can you close?

We fund your project in as few as <XX> days.


What kind of leverage do I get?

Up to <X> LTC and <X> ARV. More leverage allows you to do more deals and grow your business faster. Our broad sources of capital and discretionary underwriting allows us to get you the leverage you need to grow your business.


How much does Fund That Flip's capital cost?

Our rates start at <XX>, and we never lose a good deal to rate. As a direct lender with discretionary capital, you're dealing directly with the decision makers. Our capital markets team works tirelessly to ensure our clients receive the most competitive rates.


How do I talk to a rep?

Simple - enter a few details and we'll connect you with a representative.


How to know if I qualify?

We give instant feedback. Answer a few questions here.


What's the status of my application?

Simple: check out your borrower dashboard, or get in contact with your account rep at any time.


Can I finance construction costs?

We do have the capability to fund 100% of the construction costs. Similar to other funding mechanisms, we'll likely hold a percentage of these construction funds in escrow and release them as project milestones are met, subject to inspection.


What are Fund That Flip's underwriting requirements?

We start with looking at your qualifications. We seek to partner with professional redevelopers who have a track record of success. You should have 3+ projects under your belt and a network of contractors, legal professionals and real estate agents who help you achieve your goals. Once you are prequalified we look at each project on a case-by-case basis. Each project is different but in general here is what we are looking for:

  1. How much of your own equity is in the project? We require you to invest at least 10% of the purchase price into each project.
  2. Loan to Value should be less than 70% of the After Repair Value (ARV) of the property.
  3. ARV should be supported by a thorough analysis of sales data from comparable properties. This should be further supported by an appraisal and/or Broker Price Opinion (BPO). We will likely order our own BPO and appraisal to verify your analysis.
  4. You should supply us with a detailed statement of work with line item costs of all the repairs you plan to make. This should be supplemented with a home inspection report which we may confirm with our own inspection.
  5. You should outline your exit strategy. Do you plan to sell this to an owner occupier or an investor who will rent it out? Maybe you plan on refinancing the property with a traditional mortgage and holding it as a rental. Let us know as this can impact the market risk of the project.
  6. Send us pictures of the property which show its current state and key areas of the home that you plan on improving.

More is better when it comes to how much information you share. We make it easy on you by allowing you to submit all relevant information on our platform.


Why should I consider partnering with Fund That Flip to finance my projects?

Maintaining and growing a network of private lenders is time consuming and inefficient. Furthermore, your network has limited capacity and may not always be able to fund your next great project. Working with Fund That Flip provides you with a number of advantages:

  1. You gain access to a growing network of Accredited Investors who are interested in lending capital to projects like yours. This allows you to focus on finding great projects and getting them market ready. Let us take care of bringing the investors to you.
  2. The more successful you are the more investor interest you'll get. A history of each one of your projects is maintained on the platform. This allows investors who are new to your business to learn about your track record of success. This helps them get comfortable with you and saves you time from maintaining your resume.
  3. Investors can get started investing in your projects with as little as $5,000. This means they can get to know you with a lower investment entry point. After they get to know you better, they can commit larger amounts to your future projects. We handle all of the paperwork, tax filings, and investment contracts so you can focus on completing your projects successfully.

Is Fund That Flip a hard money lender or private lender?

We hope to be the best of both. While we have formalized underwriting processes and procedures akin to a hard money lender, the capital we deploy comes from the 'crowd' which is more in-line with a group of private lenders. As you develop online relationships with our network of private lenders, it is possible that your projects start to see similar economics provided by friendly private lenders.